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26 October 2021

Abusive customers: Joint statement from Lloyds Banking Group, Accord & Unite

We won’t tolerate inappropriate or abusive customer behaviour

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We won’t tolerate inappropriate or abusive customer behaviour

Over the last 18 months, customer abuse has become more of an issue as staff have had to deal with customers in branches on reduced opening hours and with social distancing in place, and over the phone when lengthy queues to get through make matters worse.

Although LBG has good guidance on how to deal with abusive customers and we urge everyone to follow it.

"As I was shutting the branch doors, he picked up a large stone and threw it at me. If it wasn’t for me closing the door, the stone would’ve hit me.” 

We’ve been working with Lloyds Banking Group, alongside Unite, to develop a joint commitment that we all stand behind:


We’ll continue to monitor feedback from members and work with the Group to improve support for colleagues.

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