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03 August 2023

2023 Shift Review in CFA

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2023 Shift Review in Customer Financial Assistance

A shift review is underway in Customer Financial Assistance. Accord has consulted with CFA to develop a reasonable and fair shift review process which respects and recognises the current needs of colleagues and customers.

The business says that the combination of customer demand and current resourcing is resulting in an oversupply of resource in the morning and periods of under supply at evenings and weekends, and that changes are required to get the balance right. They have noted that this is partly as a result of heritage BFA colleagues retaining shift patterns aligned to branch opening hours with no flexibility.

Colleagues' contract of employment allows their employer to change their shift pattern, but they must follow a correct process and should:

During the consultation process, Accord made it clear that colleagues’ individual personal circumstances must be fully considered and 1:1 discussions held for this purpose. So, we’d encourage impacted staff to make the best of their 1:1 by reviewing all the options available.

We'd also encourage them to read the colleague support pack and the FAQs before selecting the shift that best suits their current circumstances. If none of them are do-able, they should explain this fully to their line manager and back it up in writing.

We’ve told the business that we’re worried colleagues might be able to do a specific shift while WFH but not if they are asked to return to offices. Members should choose a shift based on their current working arrangements, which if changed by LBG, will allow a review.

And we’ve insisted there must be an appeals process that allows individual circumstances to be considered when determining outcomes.

Support for impacted members

We’re here to help members in scope, so if you need advice and guidance on any aspect of this change, please contact our advice line on 0118 934 1808 or email [email protected] and you’ll be referred to one of our experienced officers who'll support you through this change.

If you're not yet a member of Accord, you can join via our website and obtain the best advice and guidance available. 

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