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Group photo from Aspiring Women event in Barnwood
Michelle White (far left) with members from the Aspiring Women event in Barnwood

Aspiring Women in TSB

‘Aspiring Women’ is part of gender inclusion in TSB and offers a platform for women and male allies of all grades and across all business areas to come together to discuss issues pertinent to gender balance, share their experiences of working in TSB and to inspire others.

The latest Aspiring Women event was held in Barnwood at the end of July, and Accord senior rep from Sunderland, Michelle White, was invited to attend as a guest speaker.

Says Michelle: 


I was surprised to receive the invite to attend as a guest speaker, however I knew this would be a great opportunity to connect, collaborate and build a supportive network. 

I spoke about how passionate I am as an Accord rep, the benefits of being a member, collective bargaining and how the union negotiates on behalf of its members for better wages, benefits and working conditions, and the importance of job security.

On the back of this, seven of the women decided to join Accord which was great! Overall, an inspiring event.

Engagement with women workers

Women make up more than half of Accord’s membership – 65% to be exact. And we know women face issues directly related to their gender, such as the gender pay gap, pregnancy discrimination, caring responsibilities and a lack of support for women’s health matters. 

That’s why we’ve formed the Accords Women’s Group. This is a forum for women to look at the issues facing our membership, the support and policies their employer has in place and how we can work together to improve these. 

But we need more members to be a part of this new journey. So, if you fancy helping us to make LBG & TSB even better places for women to work, why not register to join the group?

Accord has already achieved some great successes over recent times - including increases to parental leave entitlements and pay and improved menopause support. 

The next Women’s Group meeting will be held on 21st September 2023 at 3pm and we’d love to welcome some new members! Contact [email protected] for an invite.

Allison Howie

With women making up the majority of our workforce and membership, you may wonder why we need a women’s group. 

We live in a male dominated world, and society is set up to suit men and this can unfairly disadvantage women.  

We want to provide a safe space for women to talk, share experiences and empower women to use their voices.

Allison Howie, Accord Vice-President

Women leaders in UK finance sector still earn 23% less than men

Senior women in UK finance are still earning 23% less than their male counterparts, according to the latest CFO Salary Benchmark study, down from 30% the previous year. 

But the annual survey of nearly 1,000 CFOs and other financial leaders also shows that the gender pay gap in UK finance is worse than in other European countries or the US. Across all the countries surveyed, the gender pay gap is 12%. 

Pay inequality is reflected by an imbalance in job satisfaction. Two-thirds of the men surveyed feel they’re fairly compensated for their work, compared to 59% of women. 

Pay inequality remains a significant issue for Accord members. In 2022, LBG reported a pay gap of 34.8% while TSB’s was 23.7%. Both companies say that the primary driver of the gaps is the concentration of women in less senior roles. 

  However, as this study shows, pay inequality can show up at any level of seniority. It's important that we ensure that no woman at any level is being paid less than men who do the same role.

Senior women in UK finance are still earning

less than their male counterparts

Bank Workers Charity in partnership with PAM Wellbeing

The Bank Workers Charity are offering an app; PAM Assist, providing emotional and mental health support for mild to moderate issues including stress, anxiety and depression to improve all aspects of your wellbeing. 

The built-in risk assessment and goal-setting tools help guide you to useful resources based on your individual needs, including:

  • Stepping Stones – goal setting and habit tracking to achieve progress
  • Thoughtful Thinking – online cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) training
  • Mind Matters – mindfulness and meditation courses for relaxation
  • Inspiring Ideas – resources to build resilience and boost motivation
  • Move Medicine – virtual gym to release happy hormones and vitality

Emotional Support Line

If you just want someone to talk to, you can call PAM’s free and confidential Emotional Support Line. Their trained counsellors are available 24/7 so you can be confident that you’ll be supported in a professional and non-judgmental manner.

Complete the form to find out how you can download the PAM Assist Wellbeing App or contact the Emotional Support Line.