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My union 'insurance policy'

If you’re thinking about joining Accord, don’t hesitate. Think of it as an insurance policy… no one wants to find themselves in a situation where you’d need to claim because it means something dreadful has happened. But if the worst does happen, you have that insurance in place.

After working all my adult life and only half a dozen years to go before retirement, I found myself plunged into a situation that I would never have imagined. Unfortunately, it doesn’t matter how strong you think you are or what moral stance you take or how unequivocally right you believe you are, you simply cannot take your employer on, on your own.

This is where your union ‘insurance policy’ comes in… they have years of experience dealing with large employers and they have your back all the way, down to what you can think, say or put in writing, the protocol, procedures and jargon. I would never have been able to afford the legal advice but I had my insurance policy and they were wonderful.

My situation was extremely stressful but the union was there for me every step of the way. Without the help and support from Accord I would never have got the outcome that I did.

I have since moved on to new pastures but my insurance policy will come with me. So in this world of constant complaints, on this I have no complaints at all and would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to Accord and all your union employees for all you did for me. A special thank you to Krisna for being the best union rep I could have asked for, his understanding, patience and knowledge and for being strong for me when I wasn’t.

Without members Accord will not have the strength or firepower to stand with you when you need them most so this goes out to ALL of you working… join Accord and stand strong together. A union is only as strong as its members so if you aren’t already a member, speaking from experience - don’t delay, join today!

Eileen Winstanley

46 years in banking

Chetan Gandhi & her colleagues in branch
Chetan Gandhi

It's time to enjoy retirement

My name is Chetan Gandhi. I was born in Kenya East Africa and came over to England in 1969 with my parents, brother and sister. We settled in Manchester where I completed my studies and started my career in banking.

A legend of the North West

He was an avid Manchester City fan (never mind) and was always helping out the British Heart Foundation. You would often see him on his weekend off with a charity tin in his hand! Bob was a very highly respected and liked man.

Sandra Lewis, Former Colleague

Robert Harry Squire, a retired staff member who worked for the Halifax for over 50 years and an Accord member for around 34 years, sadly passed away on Sunday 16 October.

Bob’s colleagues wanted a special mention to him in the Accord magazine as he worked with so many people past and present.

I knew Bob very well – even before I worked for Accord. He was a lovely bloke and a real character. Really sorry to hear the news. He was a legend of the Halifax in the North West.

Ged Nichols, Accord General Secretary
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Halifax share dealing

For years I have been paying for this service which charges a fee twice a year whether or not it is used and no matter the value of the shares, nominal or actual. To my mind this is usurious, should be stopped and all fees charged should be returned. They agreed to stop my payments and reimburse the last two payments, to a charity of their choosing.

All Halifax pensioners should be alerted to this iniquity and all who do not make use of the service should cancel and be reimbursed.

Marcus Girvan

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