Union structure

Accord’s HQ is based at Simmons House (named after the union’s founding chairman, John Simmons) in Charvil, near Reading. The general secretary is based here, together with a small headquarters team. A network of full-time union officials is located across the UK to help staff wherever they work.

General secretary

The general secretary is the key spokesperson for the union and leads negotiations with employers. The elections for general secretary are held every four years.

Principal Executive Council

The Principal Executive Council (PEC) is elected by the membership every two years, in the January before the union’s biennial conference. It is led by the president and two vice presidents. All PEC members are employed by businesses the union negotiates with and are directly elected by Accord members.

The PEC oversees negotiations between Accord and the principal employers. It’s also the union’s governing body. See the list of the current PEC officers and members.

National Advisory Committees

National Advisory Committees (NACs) look after the interests of specific groups of Accord members within LBG that are not regionally based. For instance, there are NACs covering ethnic members, managers, retired members, mortgage advisers, and Colleys. Accord is actively looking for new members for the Managers’ NAC so if you would like to become more involved, please give HQ a call on 01189 341 808.

Accord Reps

Accord Reps

Executive Committees

Each Executive Committee is made up of reps who meet to discuss key issues for members in their region / division. The Executive Committees, normally made up of a chair, vice chair, secretary and health & safety officer, meet regularly. They help organise the union’s General Meetings as well as having input into joint negotiations regarding issues in their region / division.


The union’s members elect representatives who also work in (or near to) their location. There are around 1,000 workplace reps. Every two years, reps elect members of the Principal Executive Council. Become a rep.

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