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Subscription draw

Every month, the Accord subscription draw makes a lucky jackpot winner £5,000 better off. Runners up each get £250.

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Liam Craven - Lottery winner
Liam and his son Arthur

A big win for Liam!

Liam Craven, a Business Analyst in Colleague Channels in Manchester won the £5k top prize in December. 

He’s been a member of Accord and a strong advocate for the union for the last 15 years – originally signing up when he was training as a cashier. Liam’s had two tickets in the draw since joining and this was his first win.

I was shocked! When the voicemail came through and then an email, I thought it was something serious. When I was told the news I couldn’t believe it. We’ve just moved house to be closer to childcare, so the win couldn’t have come at a better time. We’ve had to upgrade the boiler / heating system in the new house and there’ll be a little left over for a nice family holiday.

Although I’ve never had to use Accord for support or representation, I know colleagues who have and would highly recommend. For me, it was a no brainer to join. I used to be a rep when I worked in the branches, and I think we’re so lucky to have an active union with someone like Ged fighting our corner!

You’ve got to be in it to win it!

Accord gives away £1,000s in prizes every month. One lucky winner gets £5,000 and runners-up each get £250. The runners-up prize was increased from £100 to £250 starting from January’s draw – even more reason to enter!

Members can purchase up to five tickets at £1 each. You can add or remove tickets in the subscription draw at any time by logging into your account.

Accord donates 10% of the draw surplus to two children's charities; NSPCC and Children 1st. Both charities exist to prevent abuse and neglect, to protect children and keep them safe from harm. The donations are made yearly.

You can view the subs draw terms and conditions here.

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Aidan Flood - Lottery winner

Recent lucky £250 winners!

I was shocked when I received the email (I thought it was a scam before I saw it came from Accord haha!) It was my fiancé’s birthday weekend so I treated her to a day out in Liverpool. I sent the rest to a friend in Nepal who set up an orphanage from the recent earthquakes they've suffered.

Aidan Flood
Stephani Wyer - Lottery winner

I was thrilled to receive my email stating I had won £250 in the January prize draw! It reached my bank account a few days later and I have put it in to my saver to take with me to London as my husband and I are going there with the kids for our first wedding anniversary! Couldn’t really have been better timing! Thank you very much!

Stephanie Wyer
Chris Montgomery - Lottery winner

I had just returned from long term sick leave, so what a nice surprise to see this amongst hundreds of less exciting emails. Although I’d like to say the £250 is going to be spent on something exciting, more likely it’ll go into a pot for gas and electric bills. The joys of being a grown up! 

Chris Montgomery

Some more £250 winners

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