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Case studies

Real life case studies from Accord members.

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Marie Imlah
Marie Imlah

Satisfactory settlement for Marie

When Marie tripped at the entrance of her workplace landing awkwardly on concrete floor, she knew that she could get legal help from Accord, so contacted Dallas McMillan.

She was entering her workplace in Edinburgh through the revolving door when she caught her toe on the metal lip of the carpet and fell forward landing on the concrete floor at the entrance hall. Marie sustained injuries to her knee, ribs and shoulder.

Dallas McMillan’s David McElroy took on the case, seeking to recover compensation for the injuries she sustained. Says David: “Lloyds Banking Group’s insurers initially denied liability for the accident claiming there was no defect with the entry to the workplace. However, following some persuasion, they accepted liability. As is always the case with compensation claims like this, it’s only after somebody sustains an injury that employers decide to act to remedy what should in the first place have been obvious faults.”

A settlement in excess of £20,000 was agreed – all of which went directly to Marie.

Says Marie: "The process was very straight forward and David kept me up to date on a regular basis. Thanks to David it resulted in a satisfactory settlement. I certainly could not have done this without him.”

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Through Marie’s Accord membership, she was able to access Dallas McMillan’s expert Personal Injury team and use their services entirely free of charge. Commonly Personal Injury Solicitors will charge Claimants 20% of any damages they recover. As Marie is a member of Accord, she received 100% of her damages. Dallas McMillan act for all Accord members on the same basis as they acted for Marie. They will cover not only accidents at work but accidents that occur outside the workplace such as road traffic accidents and accidents in public places. A member does not require to have an accident on bank premises to entitle them to use Dallas McMillan’s services. Any accident a member has, and indeed any accident a member’s family member has, will be dealt with by Dallas McMillan on a 100% compensation recovery basis. If you have had an accident in the last three years that was not your fault and you wish to make a claim for compensation, please feel free to contact David McElroy at Dallas McMillan.

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David Saul
David Saul

Living with ME

Accord rep David Saul got in touch with My Accord after reading about Long Covid on the Accord website and it struck him that his symptoms of ME were similar. He wanted to tell his story to other members…

David was diagnosed in 2015 after suffering symptoms for three years. His GP thought he was depressed and it was hard to get a diagnosis so he had to have a private consultation.

Says David: “Coincidentally they found a historic brain injury which may have a crossover in some but not all symptoms. I’d advise people to reach out for support by searching the internet as there are lots of help there but a lot of the tangible support e.g., local support groups and clinics.”

David has found that routine and the support received by his managers has helped: “I now work ten until six which lets me sleep, eat, and rest at the same time each day. I go for a half hour rest or meditation session each lunchtime and I have found this to be crucial in helping me keep my energy levels up. The other important thing is to drink plenty of water to keep hydrated.

“I can do some physical things but it can leave me exhausted afterwards and in pain for days. I rarely drink alcohol as this seems to increase the symptoms. I eat a varied diet and try to be as healthy as possible. The trial and error of what you can do and what you struggle with can be frustrating not just for yourself but those around you but, again, support and coping techniques are there to help. Also, a lot of coping techniques and medicines are discovered accidentally so it’s always worth sharing.”

GROWING for Growth

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GROWING for Growth

Martin Roberts, Accord member and mental health lead at Lloyds Banking Group, started ‘GROWING for Growth’ – a new initiative aimed at helping colleagues improve their mental wellbeing.

A man sitting with an older woman - Bank Workers Charity caring image

Caring and mental health support for Nick

Nick* has worked in the banking sector for most of his career. He suffers with multiple health issues including depression and high levels of stress, particularly since taking on the responsibility of caring for his elderly mother, Louise, who has a variety of health conditions.

He frequently makes the long trip to go and see her and constantly phones her to ensure she’s eating and taking her medication. Nick had previously contacted his local authority about a care support package for his mother but was informed that it can take months for one to be put in place. With Louise’s care needs becoming more complex, Nick reduced the hours he worked at the bank to be her carer.

The change was detrimental to his monthly income, which dropped significantly and left him unable to afford various expenses including his gym membership. But far from being just a small luxury, being able to go to the gym was a real support for Nick. After losing a family member and navigating the COVID lockdown by himself, Nick had struggled with his mental health. But when he joined the gym and attended regular exercise classes, he found that it significantly helped him in this respect. And now with the additional pressures of caring for his mother weighing on him, working on his mental health was more important than ever.

After reaching out to the Bank Workers Charity to see how they could help, they suggested a grant to go towards Nick’s gym membership. In the face of the stress of caring for his mother and adjusting to a significant loss in income, it was hoped that this would allow Nick to look after his mental health.

The Bank Workers Charity were able to award Nick a grant of £300 to fund his gym membership for six months. They also did a benefit check to see if he was eligible for carers allowance and offered him counselling support. He ultimately declined this offer and said that for him, being able to go to the gym was more beneficial. He was assured he could go back to the Bank Workers Charity at any time and he said he would be back in touch should he need mental health support further down the line.

Caring for someone else can be incredibly difficult. But Nick’s story is an example of how the Bank Workers Charity can help you and your wellbeing.

*Names have been changed to protect the client’s identity