The PEC for 2022-2024

Meet your new Principal Executive Council

The new Principal Executive Council (PEC) for the 2022-2024 term took office at the end of Accord's 2022 Conference - meet the members.

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The PEC 2022-2024
2022 - 2024 PEC members

New Principal Executive Council in place

The Principal Executive Council (PEC) is elected by members every two years, and the new PEC for the 2022-2024 term took office at the end of Accord's 2022 Conference on 20 May. 

The PEC is the union’s governing body in between conferences and is responsible for the union’s staffing, membership and finance. It oversees negotiations between Accord and its principal employers and authorises the signing of collective agreements as appropriate. 

All PEC members are employed by businesses the union negotiates with. 

Neil Magill has taken on a second term as President and will be supported by the other 16 PEC members. 

In a meeting following Conference, the PEC elected Allison Howie from Glasgow and Richard Joyce from Southampton as Vice Presidents.  

Sheeba Hamid from Insurance & Wealth division in Copley, Halifax, was re-elected unopposed as the PEC lead on equality, diversity & inclusion issues. 

We'd like to thank the outgoing members from the 2020 - 2022 term; Caroline Pollock, Helen Poole and Clare Buss, for all their hard work, support and dedication.

Meet the President

It’s a huge honour and pleasure to address this conference as your President. I hope you enjoy the next two days and will commit yourself to help rebuild Accord as a successful, independent, viable and sustainable union through these most difficult of times. I hope that this conference will draw us together, give us a unity of purpose and build our confidence and momentum to make positive changes happen for our members.

Neil Magill

Vice Presidents &
Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Lead

L to R: Lisa Sullivan, Nickul Hathi, Charli Webb & Aarren Mowle

Meet the newbies

We welcome back Lisa Sullivan and Aarren Mowle, both from Group Transformation in Halifax, who have served on the PEC before. We're also delighted to welcome new talent to the Council; Charli Webb from the Halifax in Hull and Nickul Hathi from Chief Operating Office in London. Read what they had to say about being elected below...

Nickul Hathi

I’ve worked for LBG for 11 years and I’m really pleased to be joining Accord’s PEC and look forward to ensuring that the union is well governed in the interest of our members and has a bright future.

Nickul Hathi
Charli Webb

I’ve worked for the Halifax since 2017 and have been an Accord member for five years. I think it’s really important that young members are represented on the PEC, helping to reach out and engage with them. Younger staff have real issues about our jobs, living standards, careers, homes and pension and we need to make our voices heard in the union and with our employers.

Charli Webb
Lisa Sullivan

It feels amazing to be back on the PEC and the opportunity to support Accord and its members with its goals. I’m looking forward to working with my new (and not so new) colleagues and navigating through what is now our new world. It’s clear there is still a lot to do for our members.

Lisa Sullivan
Aarren Mowle

It’s great to be back working on the PEC and having the ability to influence how the union is governed. Working in group transformation, I would like to be able to influence what is happening in that area more via the PEC discussions. I think the biggest challenges are keeping the group as a whole at the forefront of decision making rather than being siloed into the area you work in.

Aarren Mowle