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Hear from our LBG guest speakers about the future of banking and watch the interview between Accord's Ged Nichols and TSB CEO Robin Bulloch.

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Paul Speight & Sean Quinn

LBG's Paul Speight & Sean Quinn

Delegates gave a warm welcome to LBG’s Paul Speight and Sean Quinn.

Representing LBG’s Community Bank leadership Team, Paul thanked Accord for its ongoing support, collaboration and, most importantly, rigorous, and robust challenges over the last couple of years which he described as, “probably the most turbulent the business has ever experienced.” The union had been instrumental and fundamental in keeping LBG’s customers and colleagues safe during the pandemic.

His key message was that customer needs were changing rapidly, and the business needed to be as agile, adaptive, reactive, and responsive as possible to transition from offering financial services to enabling financial betterment - proactively anticipating the changing needs, expectations, and behaviour of customers.

For colleagues, he said, that meant that the things they do for customers daily would continue to change and this will require us to support upskilling, building new capabilities and adopting ways of working.

He was proud that the Retail teams had worked together to enable the movement of hundreds of branch network colleagues into customer financial assistance to better support customers during the perilous time of the pandemic and that a significant proportion of those colleagues who had moved across at Grade B had since been promoted to Grade C with a brilliant career path to look forward to.

Colleagues, he said, fundamentally sat at the heart of the business - “It’s their empathy, skill and understanding of customers that will get them through the current crisis”. The business is focussed on embedding a culture of learning and skills development to enable colleagues to best support customers both with their current and future needs.

Sean Quinn spoke about the tumultuous environment created by the pandemic which had seen a massive shift in demand for the customer services business.

The doubling in size of the fraud team reflected what was happening in society. And the speed at which the business had reacted had been a challenge for colleagues. He had nothing but praise for the way they had responded, …”it is truly incredible to see – and I genuinely mean that”.

Looking forwards, Sean saw the human touch as key to success, which would involve re-skilling people to work alongside technology. Making sure colleagues were properly supported would be so important in, “maximising resource to be able to spend time with those customers that truly do need us.”

Paul and Sean stayed on to take questions which delegates really appreciated. You can read the questions below.

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Paul Speight

Paul Speight, Director of Business Optimisation at LBG

We need to continue to define the purpose of the Community Bank … the cost-of-living crisis means the purpose of the branch and colleagues in the branch will continue to shift.

Paul Speight
Sean Quinn

Sean Quinn, Group Customer Services Operations Director at LBG

The last two years has taught this business a really important lesson. That the role of the human in this business is essential.

Sean Quinn

Q&A with Paul and Sean


LBG's Richard Jones

On behalf of the Motor Finance & Leasing Business, Managing Director Richard Jones talked about how its future plans fitted with LBG’s wider strategy and values. 

He highlighted three key issues:

  1. How much customers’ expectations were changing
  2. What was happening at a societal level
  3. The need to decarbonise the economy

Before talking more about where the business was going, he reflected on the past and what the organisation and its colleagues had been through. The last two or three years had been the most difficult he could remember. He was proud that his business had enabled 1,000 colleagues to work remotely within 3 months of the first pandemic lockdown and said the way colleagues had responded was “just phenomenal” in keeping the business open even when the motor markets were shut. Coming out of the pandemic brought more problems though, not least of which was a massive supply shortage. But whilst the business had dealt with a lot, it hadn’t just been about coping. It had also been about making changes - many colleagues had retrained and taken on different roles to cope with the change in customer demands. And some services had been digitised in new ways.

But, he said, more change was inevitable. He saw no return to what was previously regarded as ‘normal’. And that would require flexibility, new skills and a more resilient colleague population, supported by a long term investment strategy in people and technology. Going from a 9am – 5pm office environment to more flexible, hybrid ways of working needed a new set of guiding principles. And collaboration would be more important than ever. Teams truly aligning to what they’re trying to achieve – helping customers stay mobile whatever their circumstance and helping the UK decarbonise.

Delegates were grateful to Richard for bringing to life the achievements and challenges of the motor finance and leasing business. They had plenty of questions for him too – you can read them below.

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Richard Jones, Managing Director of Motor Finance & Leasing at LBG

The way our colleagues came together to create a way of working to keep our business open was just phenomenal.

Richard Jones

Q&A with Richard

Robin Bulloch, TSB Chief Executive Officer

I’m really keen that we continue to work with Accord. I want to ensure that people are rewarded appropriately for what they do and I want people to wake up in the morning and look forward to coming to work at TSB. And I think that by working together with Accord, having adult-to-adult conversations where we sometimes disagree but we don’t fall out, will help us get to a position where we’re here for colleagues and will ensure that we both deliver on our joint aim which is to have a successful and sustainable TSB.

Robin Bulloch