Module 1 – Union reps induction

This module is aimed at new to role reps. As an Accord rep there are many tasks you will want to do, such as, working together with members and other union reps – talking to members and dealing with their problems – recruiting members and getting them involved in the union – meeting management to discuss a range of issues at work – representing your union – keeping your members in touch with wider issues. This course will help you build confidence in your role and responsibilities as a union rep and develop the skills you need to be an effective rep. This course acts as a foundation to your role as a union rep and once completed reps should look at module 2 or 3. The course lasts one day.


Course outline:

  • History of Accord
  • Role of a rep
  • Communicating with members
  • Common workplace issues
  • Recruitment
  • Health and safety duties
  • Structure of Accord and the mandating process


Take a look at our video here and find out more about what Module 1 is all about. Accord’s Head of Training, Krisna Lakhani, outlines the main focus of the course and why it is important for Accord reps to attend.

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