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Our tax services

Accord members can benefit from a range of tax services. Find out what's available.

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Tax services & helpline

If you think you might have paid too much tax, you can call the free 'Tax Matters' helpline. It's a confidential service for Accord members and their immediate* families.

* Immediate family means your spouse, partner and dependent children.

Here are some of the things they can help with:

  • PAYE tax, income tax self-assessment & self-employment
  • Taxation of benefits in kind
  • Mortgage loan benefits
  • Mileage and allowable expenses
  • Child benefit tax relief
  • Taxation on dividends, interest, and other investment income
  • Property issues – rental income and expenses
  • Inheritance & capital gains tax

Similar advice would cost between £150-£200 per hour if independently sought.


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