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Pensions information

As a member you'll be able to access free, confidential tax advice as part of your membership, including limited information about pensions. Our Tax matters helpline is run by WMT Chartered Accountants.

This article covers details about that scheme and later provides you with some details on a number of employers specific schemes.

How to access?

You can access general information and guidance on pensions from WMT in a number of ways:

Visit WMT's website


How can WMT help?

Although WMT are chartered accounts, and not independent financial advisers (so can't help with detailed calculations or investment advice), they can still help with a number of different types of queries about pensions and offer you general information and guidance. So how can they help?

  • They have a wealth of experience and understanding of our members pension schemes to help you through the maze of pensions
  • Help you understand how tax relief works on your pension scheme
  • Information about retirement or flexible retirement, and understanding the tax position
  • Understanding your options if you've got multiple pension schemes from different employers
  • Help you to understand the questions you need to ask, who to go to and how to seek independent financial advice

Got a scheme specific query?

The Accord officer team have a wealth of knowledge and experience of the main pensions scheme in operation for the majority of our members. We can't offer you financial advice and guidance, but we can help answer some of the trickier questions about the inner workings of the schemes and we know who to go to get further information to help you. If you have a pensions query that can't be answered by your pension administrator, contact your local Accord officer for further guidance.

Pensions schemes & administrators

We've provided some information about the pension scheme administrators which cover most Accord's members, including where you can find further information about your scheme.

Lloyds Banking Group

The Lloyds Banking Group pensions (including heritage Lloyds, and HBoS schemes) are administered by Willis Towers Watson. You have access to an online pensions portal with Willis Towers Watson where you can view your pension, statements, use planning tools & calculators, and update your details and investments.

You can access further information about all the Lloyds Banking Group schemes through their pension's website.

Contact details for Willis Towers Watson:


The TSB pension scheme is administered by Legal & General. You have access to an online pensions portal with Legal & General where you can view your pension pot, statements, use planning tools & calculators, update your details and investments.

You can access further information about the TSB scheme through the Legal & General website.

Contact details for Legal & General:

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