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27 January 2020

Working hours

Read our guidance on what you can do if your employer changes your working hours.

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What can you do if your employer changes your working hours?

Your contract of employment or your employer’s internal policy may allow your employer to change your working hours or shift pattern if they follow the correct process. Your contract may also state that, provided you’re given a fixed amount of notice, your working pattern can be changed.

To find out whether the proposed changes to your working hours or shifts can be implemented, you’ll need to find out what your contract and/or company policies say on the issue.

If you don’t know where to find this information, we can help with that.

Even if your contract or company policies allow for such a change, employers are supposed to talk things through with you before making a change and should:

Get support from Accord

We can talk you through your rights and obligations and help you towards a mutually acceptable solution. And if that’s not possible, we’ll advise you on how you can take things further either by raising a grievance or, if we feel your employer has broken the terms and conditions of your employment contract, through a legal claim.

Get in touch with your local Accord officer.

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