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About equality monitoring

Why we collect this information & what we do with it

Find out about the equality monitoring data we collect, why we collect it, and how we use it.

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Why we collect equality monitoring information

Accord is committed to promoting equal opportunities for all members including equal access to our services. Like most organisations, this means we need to understand any barriers preventing this. Equality monitoring helps us do this.

We also use demographics data when we're talking to employers to help us shape negotiations such as pay, benefits, and policies. Knowing more about you as a member helps us to analyse the impact of change and to reflect our members voices more accurately

How we collect & maintain your data

We collect details about you through three processes:

You can choose what information you wish to provide, and if you'd prefer we didn't hold this information you can select the option 'prefer not to disclose'.

We manage all your detail in accordance with our privacy policy.

What information we collect

We regularly review the information we ask you to share with us as part of our data protection obligations. We follow industry and union best practices in the questions that we ask and how we present this information. We currently ask for the following:

How to update your data

We provide instant and secure access so all members can update their details through the My Profile section of the website. Changes you make to your equality monitoring data are reflected instantly - so what you see is what we see. Details such as bank account information need to be reviewed by our membership team first.

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