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Rep research with Yalla Co-operative

From time to time we conduct member & rep research to understand your experiences or test out ideas. This page explains the approach taken and how you can get involved.

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Rep research

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Research purpose:

We're currently conducting research to understand how our reps use technology in their role as a rep: what they find useful, what frustrations they have and what they think could help in the future. We also want to speak to our members to see if they've ever thought about putting themselves forward to be a rep and what puts them off or motivates them to do so.

The results will help us to ensure we have the right training, tools, and support in place so we can succeed together.

We're collaborating with the TUC on this research project, and we're using an external company called Yalla Co-operative to conduct the research for us.

Research approach:

For any tools or offering that we want to build for our reps, it's important that we first understand 'who' we are building it for - what their needs are, their behaviours. This way we can ensure we're designing and building something useful that will be used.

How it works:

We're looking to interview around 20 current and previous reps, and some members who haven’t ever taken on the role to ensure we get a reliable spread and a greater insight.

The interviews will be carried out remotely on a 121 basis, although we may have a notetaker too. Interviews can be recorded IF mutually agreed between the researcher and the rep. We have developed an interview script of questions which will be used to ensure consistency and provide us with the most meaningful data.

We'll try to make the interviews as informal and relaxed as possible. There's nothing you need to know beforehand or anything to prepare.

How long it takes:

Each interview will last at least 30 minutes, although we often find these can stretch to 45 minutes. You'll need to ensure you have the time available to undertake the interview. You can select a preferred date in November and time slot when you register your interest. 

What happens after:

All feedback received through the interview process will be documented and kept in a password protected document (and following all data protection guidelines agreed between us and the researcher). The gathered data is then analysed by the researcher and will then be shared with us. We'll only receive this analysed and therefore anonymised. The researcher will provide us with conclusions and recommendations based on the data collected..

How to get involved

It's easy to get involved. Register your interest below.

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