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Alliance for Finance: Cost of Living Crisis

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Join Alliance for Finance, and Linda Somerville (the Deputy Secretary of the Scottish TUC), for a discussion looking at how employers have reacted to soaring inflation, the energy crisis, and how they are supporting their staff.

The UK has experienced an extended time of rising prices, whether that be food, energy, or fuel, and increasingly people are struggling to make ends meet as a result.

Many employers have needed to step in to support their employees, including finance employers who have offered one-off cost of living payments, lump sum increases, and pay rises well beyond what we have been used to over the last 30 years or so. However, we have still seen below inflation increases, and the strain on people’s wallets is concerning.

But there is help available for people in the sector, and this webinar looks at some of the support that's on hand.

Also joining the discussion are members of The Insurance Charities, The Bank Worker’s Charity, and the Money Charity. They'll let you know what help these organisations can give, which varies from financial support to emotional support and housing advice.

 This event was hosted by the Alliance for Finance using the Teams platform. Accord is not responsible for this material.

Watch the recording (YouTube)

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