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Bank Workers Charity: Back to the office: managing a safe return

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In March 2020 we saw a pandemic-driven transformation in workplace culture. Remote working and connecting with colleagues through digital channels became the norm for many people. Employees and businesses had to act quickly to adapt to this new environment, against the terrifying backdrop of a raging pandemic. Human beings don’t respond easily to uncertainty and change, but over time employees did - to the extent that most businesses in the UK saw no dip in productivity. As the pandemic fades, employers are planning for the post-pandemic return and this means a new process of adjustment for people.

We've teamed up with the Bank Workers Charity for a wellbeing webinar to explore the relationship between change, uncertainty and anxiety and to look at some strategies we can adopt that will help us deal with any fears we have, to negotiate a safe return. We'll cover:

 This event was hosted by Accord through the Teams platform. Watch the webinar recording below.


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