Accord members in LBG vote YES to 2023 pay proposals

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Health & safety rep training

This online programme is designed in bite-sized chunks  – each should take around 45-60 mins.

You’ll find a quiz at the end of each eBite which will help you to check your understanding – please make sure you complete this. As well as testing your knowledge, you can use it to tell us your thoughts on the eBite itself.


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Lloyds Banking Group reps

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Health & safety:

  • Health & safety in the workplace - Reps play an important role in keeping workplaces safe. We'll take a look at the activities you'll be asked to get involved in.

Covid-19 guidance:

  • Covid-19 and workplace safety - Everything you need to know about the Covid-19 risk assessments, what's expected of you, and how you can keep your workplace safe.

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