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Ballot box for 2021 elections with a hand posting a completed ballot. On a blue block background

Glasgow AQ 2021 Rep Elections

Accord rep elections take place every two years. And this year, we have received 10 nominations for 6 available positions in Glasgow AQ. Please read the candidates election addresses before submitting your votes.

The closing date to vote is 5pm on Friday 8th October

Any questions about the elections should be sent to [email protected].

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Election addresses

Please read the election addresses below for all candidates (listed in alphabetical order) before submitting your votes. 

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David Saul

We have been living in strange times since 2016. There is strength in unity, in being able to ask for help, advice or guidance but also being able to give help, advice and guidance. A union does all this.

I have been involved in unions my whole adult life because I believe in fairness for all. I have never been afraid to ask questions and I have always been tenacious in seeking truth.

We need representatives from all walks of life because diversity makes us stronger, a deeper well of knowledge and understanding to draw from.

Debbie Smillie

I’ve been an Accord Union member/rep for 17 years. I love the role as I’m able to help and support our members. 

I have great knowledge and understanding of the policies/procedures that are in place. I am approachable, understanding, honest and take confidentiality very seriously. I treat each person with dignity and respect and understand that each person is different and how I interact and communicate with them is important. I will approach any level of management to resolve issues. 

I would love to stand as your rep again to continue to support you going forward. Please vote for me.

Deziree Donnelly

Election address here...

Donna McGeary

My name is Donna McGeary and I’ve been an Accord Union Rep for over 12 years. In that time I feel that I’ve managed to build a great working relationship with the bank to make positive changes for our members. 

As a rep I’ve been lead and divisional rep for Atlantic Quay. I now am part of the Principal Executive Council where I am responsible for overseeing negotiations between Accord and LBG. 

I’m approachable, level-headed and empathetic. I understand the need for honest and confidential advice. 

I would love to continue being your rep, please vote for me.

Elizabeth Kelly

I’ve worked for the Bank for 22 years and have been a Union Rep for the last 2 years. 

Not long after starting this role the pandemic hit, I was able to be there and support colleagues with any concerns during this difficult time and also with adapting to the varying challenges of the new ways of working from home. 

I’ve enjoyed the time I’ve spent being a Rep and have learned a great deal. I’d like to continue to be there for my colleagues to support and offer advice when needed and also continue my learning within the union.

Jennifer Winning

I have been with Lloyds for over eleven years and I have served as an Accord Rep for the last two. I have enjoyed supporting and helping our members with a wide range of issues. 

I have a good working knowledge of how the bank operates and I appreciate that a good relationship between Managers, Consultants and the Union benefits everyone. I have experience with complex staff issues, hold a Law Degree and understand the need for confidentiality. 

Personally, I believe I am approachable and trustworthy and I would love the opportunity to continue helping colleagues in Atlantic Quay.

Kelly McNally

Election address here...

Margaret Mary Taggart

Hi, I’m Margaret Mary. I have worked for LBG for 20 years now (for my sins) the majority of that time has been spent as a work place rep. I have always strived to ensure that any colleague queries are answered promptly, even when liaising with the business to achieve the correct outcome for my colleagues. Throughout the years I have supported many colleagues within the business and I ask that you vote for me again to ensure that I can continue to offer that much needed support during some very trying times. Many thanks.

Missy-Anne Spence

I have worked for the bank for 10 years. Working within various roles in the business from telephony, TM support and classroom coaching. 

I take pride in supporting others and seeing them succeed. I am friendly and approachable. Within my various roles I have gained a wealth of knowledge around the bank's processes and procedures. 

I feel that my personal background as well as my working background gives me an edge as I am a working mum of two children who have additional needs, so have to find ways to adapt and support my working and personal roles.

Wendy Struthers

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