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26 October 2022

Getting help with your energy bills

Bank Workers Charity
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Worried about paying your energy bills? The Bank Workers Charity can help

The rising cost of fuel has plunged the world into an energy crisis. It’s caused inflation to rocket and has seen the cost of living reach its highest level in three decades.

Many of the nation’s households are already struggling to keep up with the hike, leaving some of them faced with the impossible choice between ‘heating or eating’. And yet, things are only set to deteriorate as more families feel the squeeze over the coming weeks and months. It's a very worrying and stressful time.

There is a £2,500 cap on the annual price of the typical dual-fuel bill until the end of April. After that point, support will only be offered to the most vulnerable people, with forecasters predicting that a typical household would face a rise in energy costs to more than £4,300 annually.

If you’re struggling to make ends meet, you’re not alone, there’s plenty of help and support available.

Available support

Want to see the impact where you live?

The TUC has launched a new tool so you can see the impact of the cost of living crisis in your area. Warning: the figures are shocking.

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BWC Webinar: Financial wellbeing

BWC Financial Wellbeing Webinar

A combination of economic circumstances, the impact of the pandemic and a surge in the cost of living has meant that many people have seen their household income reduce significantly.

As a result, more of us than ever have seen our financial wellbeing suffer. In these circumstances, maximising income and knowing what support is available is key.

This webinar looks at the state of personal finances in the UK and explores what we mean by financial wellbeing. It looks also at how money worries can spill over to affect other key areas of our wellbeing, like mental health. We also explore sources of information & support - including the services offered by the Bank Workers Charity.

Webinar overview

Download the slides

Further support

You'll find more information and support in our financial wellbeing guidance page below, including information about debt management, entitlements to government benefits and what you may need to disclose to your employer if you find yourself in financial difficulty.

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