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07 December 2021

TSB announce relocation of
Sunderland and Swansea sites

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Sunderland & Swansea site relocations announced

TSB has announced today its plans to relocate staff based in the Sunderland and Swansea sites to premises nearer to the city centres in 2022. 

The business says the decision has been taken because the majority of staff are now working from home and will continue to do so, therefore, the sites have low occupancy. 

The plan is to relocate the teams from Mowbray House to the newly renovated Regus building near Swansea City Centre and relocate the teams in Riverside House to upgraded facilities at Sunderland branch and St Mary’s Place branch in Newcastle. 

The announcement may be welcome news for those working from home who have been asking for confirmation that this will be made their permanent model of working. The business has invested money and support in enabling partners to work remotely during the pandemic and this has become the preferred way of working for most staff. 

However, the decision will impact most those who choose or need to work from an office. We are talking to TSB about travel and parking, disabled parking and facilities, shift patterns and security. 

The next step will be for impacted staff to have one to one meetings with their line managers to discuss their preferences and any concerns they may have. 

Get support from Accord

We’re here to support our members - so if you have concerns you’d like to discuss with us confidentially, then please contact:

Linda Crouch 

(Tuesday 7th & Wednesday 8th December)

07766 518 390 [email protected]

Chris Rimell 

(Wednesday 8th - Friday 10th December)

07506 540 325 [email protected]

Accord officer, Russell Waterhouse, will be visiting Mowbray House on Friday 10th December. And Accord rep for Sunderland, Michelle White, will be available to support members in Riverside House remotely on Friday 10th December and the following week. Contact details for both below:

Russell Waterhouse 

07984 602 729 [email protected]

Michelle White 

[email protected]

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