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17 January 2023

Accord TSB newsround

January 2023
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Your newsround this month...

TSB to close nine branches

TSB has announced today that nine of its smallest branches are to close.

We have been assured that no staff are at risk of redundancy as a result of the closures.

Staff impacted by the announcement are being invited to individual discussions with their line-managers. We’re available to provide support and advice to members on a confidential basis.

Any queries should be referred to [email protected]

The closing branches are:

Cost of living – we're keeping our subs the same

With inflation still rising, goods and services continue to increase in price. According to the Bank of England, however, they expect this rise to slow down in 2023 and be around 2% in 2024.

But don’t be fooled into thinking the crisis is over. Slowing down the rate of inflation to 2% doesn’t mean prices will go down. It simply means prices will be 2% higher (on average) than they were a year ago.

So, we must continue to do everything we can to support you through what’s going to be another difficult year.

We worked hard on pay and reward in 2022 to put money in members’ pockets when they needed it most, including a £500 payment in October 2022. An additional £500 is due in February this year.

We also negotiated changes to the reward package for colleagues in grades B, C & D effective from January 2023, aimed at helping staff with the cost-of-living crisis. You can read more about the changes here.

But there’s more to do and we’re continuing talks with TSB on pay for 2023 and we’ll let you know as soon as we have an update. In the meantime, we wanted to remind you of some of the other benefits available to you through your Accord membership.

We haven’t put our membership fees up since April 2019 and they will stay the same throughout 2023. We’re absorbing the impacts of increasing running costs through careful management of our finances without passing them on to you. It’s the right thing to do in these difficult times.

Here’s a reminder of some of the extra benefits that can help you save money and are free to access as part of your Accord membership:

Private healthcare cashback

One of our most popular benefits - Accord members whose employer provides private healthcare, regardless of grade, can claim 50% of the excess on their policy. For most of our members that's £75 cashback in any rolling 12 months’ period. Full terms apply.

 Find out about healthcare cashback

Accord travel club

The Accord travel club is operated by Benchmark Travel, no other travel company has the same incentive to offer you the exclusive member discounts and levels of service that we do. It's a free member benefit as part of your membership with Accord members. What's more, your family can use this service, and you can even share discounts with your friends if you're travelling with them.

Learn about the benefits of the Accord Travel Club, including who can use this service, what the travel club can do for you and how they can save you money on your perfect getaway.

 Find out about the travel club

Legal services

Experts you can trust, on hand when you need them. All union members and immediate families are entitled to use this service. The advice is completely confidential, free and easily accessible.

Learn more about the legal services that Accord offers, including the details you need to use these services. We use three leading legal providers across the UK - Slater & Gordon in England & Wales, Dallas McMillan in Scotland, and Francis Hanna & Co in Northern Ireland.

 Find out about legal services

Will writing

Members can benefit from a free online Will writing service as well as discounts and expert legal advice on more complex Wills.

Learn more about the will writing services, including the details you need to access this service and the contacts for the legal provider in your area of the country.

 Find out about will writing

Commission cashback

Taking out a mortgage, life insurance, critical illness or income protection policy and fancy some extra cash? Our brokers can find you competitively priced policies and the best bit... they'll give you back a lump sum as cashback. The average pay outs are: £430 for insurance, £870 for equity release, £500 for mortgage reviews. The commission cashback scheme is provided by two brokers: Lifelink and K&M Financial Advisors Ltd.

Learn more about the products that are available through our brokers and the contact details you'll need to help you save money.

 Find out about commission cashback

Lifelong learning fund

The Lifelong Learning Fund provides support to members who want to learn new skills, from flower arranging to a master’s degree – you can apply for a grant whatever you fancy doing on your self-development journey. The fund will provide grants of up to 50% of the cost of courses and training materials, up to a maximum of £500. Terms apply.

Learn more about the learning fund and how to submit an application.

 Find out about lifelong learning

Subscription draw

Join the Accord subscription draw by logging into your Accord profile and updating your payment subscription to include tickets in the draw. Every month the Subscription draw makes a lucky jackpot winner £5,000 better off. Runners up each get £250. But you’ve got to be in it to win it!

Learn more about the subscription draw including further details on the prizes, quotes from past winners, and all the important details you need to sign-up or change your entries in the draw. 

 Find out about the Subscription draw

Future meetings with TSB

Accord meets regularly with TSB to discuss strategies, policies and issues raised from members.

Examples of positive outcomes from our discussions include; paid carers leave, enhanced paid parental leave, flexible working, heritage HBoS enhanced redundancy terms renewed to the end of 2027, removal of the maximums of pay bands, paid medical insurance for all staff, increases to flex benefits, increased holidays, discounted gym membership – plus more.

If there’s anything you’d like us to add to our agenda, please email: [email protected]

Accord at Barnwood

Accord’s Linda Crouch will be visiting the Barnwood site along with Michelle White, Accord senior rep, on Tuesday 7th February.

They’ll be located in the atrium between 10am and 3.30pm and would love to see you. Whether that’s to answer any questions, queries or just to catch up and say hello!

If you’re not on site that day but would like to speak with us, please feel free to contact us direct.

Update your details

We’re starting the New Year off with some data cleansing in our membership department.

Our aim is to get the most up to date information about your employment with TSB so that we can better target our communications.

You can check and update your personal, employment, direct debit and equality details, as well as your communication preferences, once you’ve logged in to the Accord website.

Please note: some changes will take effect immediately but others may need administrative approval - so don’t worry if you don’t see the changes straight away.

Let us know your thoughts

If you have any feedback on the above items or would like other items to be included in our discussions with TSB then please contact [email protected]

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