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06 January 2021

An update on lockdown measures in TSB

Newsflash for TSB members
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An update on lockdown measures in TSB

The following newsflash was issued to members in TSB today following a meeting with business leaders to discuss its response to the latest lockdown announcement on Monday night.

We're just letting you know that in the light of the lockdown announcement on Monday night, we met with TSB to discuss its response and raised both ours and our member concerns to them.

The bank says that it understands that partners are anxious and wants to reassure them that TSB is strictly adhering to all the government and safety guidelines. The most up to date information from TSB can be found on the bank's SharePoint site here (this link is only accessible on a TSB device).

The bank also pointed out that, in anticipation of these latest measures, branch opening hours were reduced in December to 9am to 3pm (Monday to Friday) and 9am to 1pm on Saturdays.

The branch director, Carol Anderson, answered the most frequently asked questions in an ‘All Network’ call yesterday. She confirmed that branch opening hours are under constant review, reaffirmed TSB support for individuals who are experiencing difficulties and asked partners to raise concerns with their managers in the first instance.

We'll continue to monitor this ever-changing situation and raise concerns to the bank. For example, it was Accord that drew TSB’s attention to the change in Government guidance just before Christmas in relation to pregnant workers (28 weeks+). In particular, the guidance to work from home where possible or to stay at home in any case if working from home isn’t possible on full pay. TSB moved quicky as a result of the prompt from Accord and may have been the first bank to do so.

We'll also continue to raise members issues with the bank if members get unreasonable responses from their managers when they ask for help. If you have issues you would like us to raise with the bank, then please do get in touch. Our contact details are below.

Newsflash ends.

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