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11 June 2021

Social wellbeing & loneliness

Bank Workers Charity webinar
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Loneliness and social wellbeing

We hosted an online event with the Bank Workers Charity on 11th June 2021 looking at loneliness and social wellbeing, the impact of loneliness at work, and some simple ways to ensure we connect with others during the pandemic and beyond.

We asked Paul Barrett, Head of Wellbeing at the Bank Workers Charity, to come and talk to our members about:

Paul began the session by detailing some statistics about sleep issues during the pandemic:

“Social wellbeing is finally ‘having its moment in the sun’. The pandemic has revealed what psychologists have been telling us for years, which is social connection is absolutely vital to human beings.”

Until the pandemic, social wellbeing took a back seat behind mental health and physical wellbeing in most organisations' thinking about wellbeing at work. Covid-19 has changed that. With large numbers of employees working remotely and missing the social dimension of work, the pandemic has revealed just how important social wellbeing is. Loneliness has been found to have the same negative health impact as smoking fifteen cigarettes a day. And recent research has shown the importance of even small-scale social exchanges, to our overall wellbeing.

That's why we teamed up with the Bank Workers Charity for a wellbeing webinar that focussed on talking about loneliness and social wellbeing. Paul identified a range of strategies we can employ to get us safely through the pandemic and beyond by setting up some good habits.

You can access the recording below, along with links to download the slides and a link to our feedback survey.

Recording of webinar

We ran short of time on the webinar to ask you which topic you'd like us to cover next, so we've included this in our feedback survey. We're also planning a 'returning to the workplace anxiety' webinar with the Bank Workers Charity which we'll be planning for later in the year. Keep an eye out for the invites!

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Tips for tackling loneliness at work

The good news is, there are some steps we can take to better understand, recognise, and challenge loneliness in the workplace:

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