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01 March 2022

2022 shift review in CFA Secured Telephony

Newsflash for impacted members
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2022 shift review in CFA

A shift review is underway in Customer Financial Assistance Secured Telephony.

Lloyds Banking Group says the changes are necessary to respond to planning challenges and customer demand.

Colleagues' contract of employment allows LBG to change shift patterns following a process that includes:

During the consultation process, we made it clear that individual personal circumstances must be fully considered and 1:1 discussions held. So, we’d encourage members impacted by the changes to make the best of their 1:1 by reviewing all the options available.

Branch Financial Assistance (BFA)

Reduced hours / term time / compressed hours workers do not need to preference, but the business will work with these colleagues to see if they can voluntarily better align their current work patterns to what’s needed.

Advice for impacted members

Make sure you preference the shift(s) that best suit your current circumstances. If some / all of them aren’t do-able, fully explain why to your line manager. Only include preferences which you can do.

If you’re working from home, you should base your preferences on your current WFH circumstances and not on a full return to the office on a permanent basis.

Outcomes will be delivered on 27 April. We’ve made sure you have a right to appeal the outcome if you regard it as unsuitable. If you can’t resolve things through the appeal panel you can use the grievance process with our support.

CFA has a good track record of working with individuals who genuinely are unable to fully comply with the business need and we expect the same approach from this change programme.

If you need advice or guidance, we’re here to help. Get in touch with the officer who supports your workplace.

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