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13 June 2022

Schroders contract changes

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Schroders consultation on contract change

You should by now have heard about SPW’s intention to amend three parts of your contract of employment as well as updating the language.

Accord is being consulted about the changes and we’re now seeking the views on the changes from SPW staff.

Our legal advisers are also engaged on the potential impact of the proposed changes.

We have three asks of you:

  1. Could you let us have your views on the proposed changes by emailing [email protected] before Friday 17th June 2022 please?

  2. Please share the email we sent or this news story with your colleagues (whether they are union members or not) and offer them the opportunity to give us feedback

  3. Both you and they can request a call back from us – just complete this contact form

We’ll write to members again when we’ve finished the consultation to share the feedback we receive and confirm the next steps.

Thanks for your support.

Get support from Accord

We’re here to support members so if you have concerns relating to this consultation that you’d like to discuss confidentially, please contact [email protected].

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