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08 August 2022

Salary structure changes in TSB

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Salary structure changes in TSB

Today TSB announced changes to how individual salaries will be managed in the future.

The announcement follows extensive discussions between Accord & Unite and TSB.

Accord has been trying to make progress for a long time on two key problems with the current approach to salary management:

  1. The lack of opportunity for individual employees to move up the pay scale for their grade and role.
  2. Long serving staff with salaries above grade mid-points who can’t increase their salaries within their grades and roles and get lower percentage pay rises than others in the annual review each April.

The changes simplify salary structures and give staff opportunities to ask for salary adjustments as skills and accountabilities increase.

This less rigid and formulaic approach is, TSB believes, more appropriate for the size and culture of the bank.

We’re keen to grasp the opportunities but, at the same time, have concerns about fairness and transparency. So, here’s some key re-assurances for staff:

Share your feedback

There's a lot for staff in TSB to think about but we're here for our members' thoughts and feedback. 

Any queries should be referred to: [email protected]

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