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15 March 2022

Opening hours changes in Customer Contact

Newsflash for impacted members
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Opening hours changes in Customer Contact

Lloyds Banking Group has announced changes to its opening hours in Customer Contact. 

From 4th July 2022, Customer Contact is changing its opening hours to 8am – 8pm for most Personal Banking customers.

The business says it’s because of continuing changes in customer behaviour and the reaction of other banks to customer service and digital banking.

It’s anticipated that about 23% of Personal Banking colleagues may be impacted because their existing shifts (which started in June 2021) are no longer aligned to the new opening hours.

Accord and Unite have been consulted and been able to secure a transition period for those colleagues who have to preference for a new working pattern (where their shift pattern is no longer available). The USH transition payment will be calculated over a 12-month period to 30th June 2022 and paid for 18 months from July 2022.

For some members, the end of day working from 8pm to 11pm will not be missed. For others, particularly reduced hours members who work beyond 8pm, there may be some difficulty in aligning to other shift patterns.

There will be an impact on those who currently start work at 7am and the Early Riser shift which aligns to this start time and was one of the most popular preferences when the 2021 shift review was completed. The business has some options available for those members who are unable to move away from 7am starts.

Needs Met lines will close on a Sunday which means another change and the business has options available for colleagues who are used to Sunday working and wish to continue.

We have agreed an approach to try and resolve individual situations for colleagues with extenuating circumstances.

Advice for impacted members

If you’re impacted by these changes, please read all the guidance the bank is supplying and get in touch if you need our advice or guidance. We’re here to help. 

Get in touch with the officer who supports your workplace.

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