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29 June 2021

Maura Kelly
Principal Executive Council

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We are deeply saddened to share the news that Maura passed away on Saturday, 26th June after a short but difficult period of illness.

Maura Kelly

Maura was a hugely popular member of Accord’s Principal Executive Council and well known in the Gasworks site in Belfast for the great work she did for her colleagues and Accord over the years.

Her funeral is taking place today and members of Accord’s team in Northern Ireland will be paying their respects alongside representatives of LBG as well as Maura’s family and friends.

Accord’s President, Neil Magill paid this tribute:

“I feel very fortunate to have worked alongside Maura for over 15 years and more importantly been able to call her a dear friend. Maura was a truly wonderful woman, who fought for workers’ rights and stood up against all forms of injustice.

On a personal note, Maura was one of the main people who encouraged me to stand for election to become the first President of our union to come from Northern Ireland.

I made a promise to Maura before she sadly passed away that I will continue to work alongside the rest of the Accord team to keep trying to get a better deal for all of our members. She will never be far away from my thoughts.”

Accord’s Ged Nichols added:

“Maura was one of the kindest people and I never heard anybody say a bad word about her. She topped the poll in the PEC election in 2020 proving that her reputation and popularity spread beyond Northern Ireland.

She was always concerned about the mental health challenges some of her colleagues experienced and worried about people at work who were struggling to make ends meet. She hated the thought of in work poverty and the occasional story of colleagues needing to use foodbanks.

Maura will be missed by all who had the privilege of knowing her."

In her memory, donations will be made to Marie Curie and in her honour, we’re seeking funding from the wider trade union movement to assist foodbanks in Belfast.

As Jim McCooe, the Head of Customer Contact for LBG in Belfast said, "may her gentle soul rest in peace.”

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