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11 August 2021

A tribute to Marilyn Morris
Accord President 2008–2012

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We’re saddened to report that Accord’s former President, Marilyn Morris, passed away on 7th August aged 68.

Marilyn Morris

Marilyn began her Accord career when she started working for the Halifax in Harlow in 1989. She rose to become President and was in the role during the financial crisis of 2008 which lead to the take-over of HBOS by Lloyds TSB and all that that entailed afterwards.

Paying tribute, Accord's General Secretary Ged Nichols said:

“Marilyn led our union during the most turbulent time in our history with courage, commitment and good humour.

After retiring in 2012, she accepted a position as a Trustee of the union and I enjoyed meeting up with her and the other Trustees each year to keep in touch. She faced her health issues with her customary bravery.

Condolences have been sent to Marilyn’s husband Steve and their children at this time of great loss and sadness.”

Marilyn was very popular with members and workplace reps and was thanked at Accord's 2012 Conference by the TUC’s Frances O’Grady for her hard work as Accord’s president and also for being an ambassador for Breakthrough Breast Cancer.

Remembering Marilyn

Catherine Devitt from Breakthrough Breast Cancer also thanked Marilyn at the time for her campaign to make a difference. She highlighted in particular the work Marilyn did in getting the TUC Women’s Conference to support the charity’s work. Catherine also listed the appearances Marilyn made on the charity’s behalf, including Sky news, GMTV and The One Show.

Said Catherine: “She’s willing to talk about her own very personal experience of the disease and how it was picked up by routine screening. This is very powerful. We’ve got some very important messages out to more people around the UK because of Marilyn.”

Another former President of Accord, Rodney Grainger added:

“The people who make the biggest contributions are the ones who do the job not for personal gain, prestige or seeking favour, but for the satisfaction of being able to help others. Marilyn was one of those.”

She was indeed.

Rest in Peace Madam President. 

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