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25 August 2021

Covid-19: Next steps for Community Bank

Newsflash for LBG members
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Next steps for branches … we’re here to help

Lloyds Banking Group announced yesterday that some changes will be introduced in branches as more restrictions are lifted. 

A newsflash has been sent to our members in the in the three branch networks; Halifax, Lloyds and Bank of Scotland, detailing the key changes. 

Yesterday’s note from your MD set out some changes to be introduced as more restrictions are lifted.

Capacity management

A change to how capacity is managed in banking halls. Away from formal queue management to a less rigid approach. This doesn’t mean a “free for all”. It means that capacity should be managed sensibly and reasonably by local management, taking into account the layout of the branch, its ventilation and numbers of staff/customers in the banking hall. (NB: this does not apply in NI for now).

Whilst we understand LBG’s wish to better meet customer needs and more closely align branches with other retailers on the high street, we have indicated a nervousness around the removal of the formal social distancing and capacity restrictions. In response, senior business leaders have agreed to review any instances where members feel their health and wellbeing is being put at risk as a result of local capacity management decisions.

The best way to deal with concerns initially is to work together locally with your management team to agree how best to handle the changes in your branch. We hope and expect local management will have open and honest discussions with you to ensure your health and wellbeing whilst also improving customer service. If you can’t reach sensible local arrangements, we’re here to help. Get in touch with the officer who supports your branch (details below).

Increasing activities

This will mean longer chats with customers, getting back to more proactive support again. But only where there’s the capacity to do so. CRM and MCP leads return from today and development of new CInS leads is underway to support you. If you experience any problems getting back to a more ‘normal’ way of working, we’re here to help and advise.

Newsflash ends.

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