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05 March 2021

Update on MaPA call recordings

Newsflash for LBG MaPA members
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MaPAs told to record all customer calls – update

Following discussions with Accord & Unite, Lloyds Banking Group issued further communications and a Q&A document yesterday.

The following newsflash has been sent to our LBG MaPA members to provide an update on some significant changes that have been made as a result of our representations.

Following discussions with Accord & Unite, the business issued further communications and a Q&A document yesterday.

We anonymised and passed on all the feedback members sent in. But, despite that, the business firmly believes that the recordings are necessary. We’re not convinced.

Two significant changes have, however, been made as a result of our representations:

  1. Customers can be informed that calls are being recorded if you’re more comfortable doing this - and we think you should (see the bank’s communications for the “how to” details).
  2. The requirements regarding ‘breach’ reporting if a call is accidentally not recorded are not as onerous as previously communicated.

The bank has not convinced us either on members’ concerns about micro-management and pressure to sell more insurance and protection products if recordings are misused.

We want to hear from you now and in the future if that happens. We’ll provide advice and support on an individual basis and we’ll challenge the bank back on every occasion. If this process is meant to keep you and your customers safe then let’s make sure that’s really what the recordings are used for.

Get in touch with me direct if you have any further thoughts or comments in the meantime.

Members who have further thoughts or comments about this issue should email Ged Nichols: [email protected]

Best wishes

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