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15 September 2022

A change to Grades & Pay in Fraud

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Another step in the right direction

Earlier this year we got the commitment from the leadership team in Customer Contact to a review of a number of roles within Fraud.

I understand you have been briefed today that colleagues in the CBO & RBB/O4B in Belfast will have their roles upgraded to C and D (for TM’s) w.e.f. 3rd August 2022 (the date on which Accord agreed the gradings within the Job Evaluation Panel).

In moving to these grades, the new C grade colleagues will receive a 10% uplift in pay and no colleague will be paid less than £26913 (95% of the Pay Group 4 midpoint salary).

Grade D TM’s will also receive a minimum of either a 10% pay uplift or a move to 80% of the PG4 midpoint salary which equates to £32680.

We want to thank all CBO & RBB/O4B members for not only their ongoing support but for their patience whilst we deal with job sizing in your business area.

Jim Fielding - Assistant General Secretary (Negotiations) said:

"Almost 80% of the 63 colleagues benefiting from our work are Accord members which is great. I know your President, Neil Magill, and I would love that figure to be 100%. Anything you can do to help increase our membership would be appreciated."

There's more to do

There is more work to be done on other roles and I want to remind everyone that a possible outcome on other role evaluations could be “no change.”

Any questions should be directed to Jim Fielding on 07786664119 or [email protected]

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