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23 February 2021

2021 Shift review in Customer Services

Newsflash for members in Customer Services
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Update: 2021 shift review in Customer Services

Accord has received lots of queries from members following LBG's announcement of a shift review in Customer Contact and Customer Operations.

There are lots of good managers who get the scale of this change for members and who are doing a great job supporting them through this process in a caring and empathetic way. But we’re dismayed by some of the unhelpful conversations taking place that members believe are aimed at discouraging appeals.

We’ve had lots of queries from members who want to appeal the shifts on offer as they can’t make them work in their individual circumstances.

Here’s some clarification on the common queries members have raised with us:

Impacted members who need advice, guidance or support should get in touch with the officer for their workplace.

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