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19 October 2022

Additional payments for technology related roles

Newsflash for LBG members
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Enhanced additional payments in LBG

Since the business restructure that moved Group IT colleagues into other parts of the business, we’ve been pressing for enhanced overtime and call-out payments for all colleagues working in technology related roles.

As a result of our representations, LBG has agreed that from 1st January 2023 all colleagues in technology related job families will benefit from these payments.  This includes colleagues working in Engineering, Technology, Cyber Security and Release Management.

Further, Accord’s request for a review of stand-by payments has been agreed resulting in a 23% increase from £3.50 to £4.30 per hour from the same date.

There are no changes to the enhanced overtime and call out rates or eligible grades.

There will be a small number of colleagues who will no longer benefit from the enhanced rates.  But to compensate them, we’ve negotiated a consolidated payment into base pay which will be individually calculated using paid overtime claims made over the last two years.

Today’s announcement addresses some long-standing issues raised by Accord members working in IT.

There's more to do

We’ve raised with the Group that we'd like to discuss shift allowance premium rates. Another long-standing issue that our members want us to address, although there is currently no commitment from the business to consider making any changes at this time.

Any questions or comments should be addressed to Assistant General Secretary, Jim Fielding on 07786 664 119 or  [email protected].

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