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10 May 2022

Customer Services Consultations

Newsflash for members in Customer Services
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Update on consultations with Customer Services

In a Newsflash dated 22nd February 2022, Accord members were updated about a change to pay groups for all Fraud and Disputes Advisers and Team Managers in Customer Contact and Customer Service Operations, and the introduction of a new role in Fraud. At that time, we said:

“We’re talking to the business about how it intends to apply pay progression policy which moves Advisers and TMs to 95% of their midpoint after 6 months in role. More info will follow.”

For colleagues who moved pay group, Accord has successfully agreed a retrospective approach to pay progression.

Pay progression approach:

There will be no change for colleagues whose pay was already over 95% of pay group 4 on 1st March 2022.

Accord has also secured an objective review of several Fraud roles on the basis that the globally recognised Hay Job Evaluation method may reveal the job is sized properly (no regrading required) or the size of the job has been evaluated at a higher grade. The first area to be reviewed is the Fraud Commercial teams. This role evaluation will commence in Q2, and formal colleague communications will be issued after the evaluation is complete. We must manage expectations by saying this is a review of the role which may simply confirm it is currently sized and graded correctly.

The union is also in discussions about other roles we believe could benefit from a review and will keep you updated on progress.

Also, in the last Newsflash we said (on the back of significant feedback from members):

“As the business continues to become more complex, the reward expectations of members naturally increase as new skills and processes must be learned. We want to make progress this year on the size and grade of the A role in Personal Banking and some roles in Operations as well as reviewing the more complex fraud and banking roles. We’ll keep you in touch with our discussions.”

Since then, Accord has secured a complete review of all grade A roles in Customer Service Operations. This has resulted in a number of roles being endorsed as grade A and where it was appropriate, and the re-evaluation of a job warranted it, a number of roles have been moved to grade B.

In addition, we continue to press the Group for a comprehensive review of roles in other business areas but we have no outcomes to report at the moment.

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