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25 May 2022

LBG changes its pregnant workers policy

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LBG changes its pregnant workers policy

Lloyds Banking Group has told us that it’s changing the way pregnant colleagues are treated now that Covid related government restrictions and guidance have moved on. It has consulted with its Chief Medical Officer who has advised that most pregnant people can work normally, subject to risk assessment.

Now, all pregnant colleagues who are customer facing or who are required to work in an office are referred for an occupational health assessment once they’ve completed the new and expectant mothers risk assessment.

And all colleagues 28+ weeks pregnant who can’t work from home have to remain at home.

The new approach from 1st June 2022 will be:

We’ve sought assurances that:

The NHS website remains clear that you’re at higher risk of getting seriously ill from COVID-19 if you’re pregnant and if you get it late in pregnancy, your baby could also be at risk. Further, it’s important to avoid catching and spreading COVID-19 if you’re more than 28 weeks pregnant.

More advice from the NHS on how to stay safe during pregnancy is here.

Get support

Line managers will be provided with guidance on how to implement this change. If you're an Accord member who is impacted by the changes and can’t sort things out with your line manager, please get in touch with the regional officer who supports your workplace or by email to [email protected].

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