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11 August 2021

Change programmes in Lloyds Banking Group

41 jobs to go

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As a result of 2 change programmes in Lloyds Banking Group announced today, 41 roles are being removed with 2 new roles created resulting in a net reduction of 39 roles.

Briefings for the staff who are impacted started in their business areas this morning. The changes impact a number of locations across the UK. 

The business areas where the reductions will be made are:

The union has contacted the members who are impacted to offer support and advice.

Commenting Accord’s General Secretary, Ged Nichols, said:

“Job reductions are never welcome but particularly so in the current economic climate. We'll be working hard to ensure that compulsory redundancies are a last resort only. We’ll be pressing Lloyds Banking Group to make every reasonable effort to find alternative roles for the staff who are impacted by these changes and want to stay with the Group.”

For further information please contact [email protected].

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