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21 April 2022

LBG announce relocation of the
Copley site

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Future workplace - the closure of Copley

Lloyds Banking Group has announced its plans to relocate staff based in the Copley site and bring Halifax office-based colleagues together in a single, refurbished location.

The business says the decision has been taken because office locations in the Halifax area have been under-utilised for a number of years, with 56% of desks being in use pre-pandemic.

The closure of Copley will take place in stages during 2023 with colleagues being relocated into the Collinsons area of Trinity Road. At the same time, a £60m refurbishment of the Trinity Road site will take place, including replacing the heating and cooling system with a new sustainable ground source heating system. The refurbishments are expected to be completed in 2024.

For members based in Halifax, the investment in the site will be welcome news and the bank's plans, including improved wellbeing facilities, are a real boost.

But for colleagues based in Copley this may be unsettling news and you may have questions about what this means for you. Keep an eye on the Halifax Yammer Community which will be regularly updated and is a great way to get questions answered by the business.

Available parking in Halifax may be a concern. The business are considering making parking bookable on Condeco to enable all colleagues to have a fair chance to use the spaces’

Get support from Accord

We’re here to support members so if you have concerns you’d like to discuss confidentially, please contact:

Chris Rimell (he/him)

Regional Officer

07506 540 325 [email protected]

Jim Fielding (he/him)

Assistant General Secretary (Negotiations)

07786 664 119 [email protected]

Communisis colleagues in Copley

The announcement doesn't impact colleagues in Communisis working from the Copley campus. Work will continue to operate from the site as it does today. But you may be feeling unsettled, especially with the contract renewable process currently underway and what this means for the long-term prospects for Communisis work in Copley.

Our expectation is that work will continue from the Copley site with Communisis operating as a leaseholder. Communisis says that LBG has given no indication that it intends to change this arrangement. But should changes emerge during the contract renewal process, Communisis has committed to keep the unions informed.

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