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20 January 2021

Accord’s 2021 pay ballot for members in LBG

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Voting open on LBG 2021 pay proposals

Accord members in Lloyds Banking Group have been sent an email from Civica Election Services (CES) with details about how they can vote in the consultative ballot on the 2021 pay proposals.

The main points of the offer, which was reached after extensive joint discussions, are:

If agreed by Accord members, the pay proposals will deliver increases of 1% or more for approximately 80% of Lloyds Banking Group’s staff.

More details, including the pay matrix can be found in our newsletter below.

Read proposals here

Next steps

No agreement has yet been reached. What happens next is down to union members.

Accord’s Principal Executive Council recommends a YES vote.

The ballot will be open until 12 noon on Friday 5 February 2021.

For any members who experience issues on the voting site, use the ‘help’ button on the front page which includes an FAQ and a contact link to put you in touch with the CES support desk.

Please send any other comments or queries to [email protected]

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