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04 April 2022

Changes to 2nd January Bank Holiday

For members in Commercial Bank, Scotland
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2nd January Bank Holiday Working Introduced - Commercial Bank teams in Scotland

In Commercial Bank, CB Delivery has decided to make the 2nd January Bank Holiday in Scotland a working day across all of their Scottish based teams.

The business said they currently have inconsistencies to working the Scottish Bank Holiday across Payments, Banking and Trade Delivery and Markets and Lending Delivery teams and need to deliver a consistent solution for all colleagues.

Historically they say they have struggled to secure the number of volunteers they need to service clients.

The resources required are likely to be significantly lower than a normal working day which will allow more staff to book these days as holiday. Colleagues will be able to request annual leave for the Scottish Bank Holiday date with only colleagues directly supporting customer activity asked to work.

From January 2023 they will treat these bank holidays as normal working days and will not pay any premium to colleagues who must work them.

Accord does not support this position. We firmly believe that enhanced payments should be offered to anyone whose employment is being changed in this way. But the business has decided to go ahead regardless.

Are you impacted by this change?

Please let us know how this impacts you in practice. Send your views to [email protected]

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