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19 July 2023

Hybrid, compressed & LBG’s new flexible offering

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Hybrid, compressed and LBG’s new flexible offering

Since the announcement on 27 April, we’ve been supporting members impacted by LBG's announcements to introduce a requirement for staff to attend workplaces for 40% of their working time if they have hybrid working and to pilot the removal of compressed working arrangements. 

We’ve been helping members through their 121 discussions to make sure their contractual rights are upheld, and their individual circumstances are fully considered when changes are made to where they work and when.

Hybrid working

Bringing all LBG colleagues back into offices for at least 40% of their working time has been difficult to navigate given the range of reasons why colleagues have been working from home and the length of time arrangements have been in place. The challenge continues. You can read more about hybrid working and how we’re supporting Accord members here.

Compressed hours

The pilot has concluded, and LBG has decided to extend the removal of non-timebound compressed hours across the Group.

Whilst we’ve managed to secure protection for thousands of colleagues who have compressed working, this decision will undoubtedly disrupt working arrangements for many whilst removing the option for colleagues to apply in the future.

Although we can’t stop LBG asking staff to change, we can protect individuals’ arrangements. And that’s what we’ve done.

Let’s be clear, nobody can be forced to change.

And we’ve negotiated some improvements to alternative options to help transition to more timebound compressed hours for those willing and able to change.

There’s more detail about the discussions here and our advice on how to respond to a request to change your working hours here.

Flexibility Works 

The new flexible working offering – Flexibility Works - isn’t as good as it could and should be in our view. Although we made some improvements through the consultation process, we’ll be keeping the pressure on LBG and campaigning for a better deal for all.

Here’s the detail on key Flexibility Works options together with our comments:


Only time will tell if the disruption colleagues are being put through will deliver the benefits that those at the top of the business believe it will.

We acknowledge the challenging competitive, technological and economic environment within which LBG is operating and we’ll continue to work together for the success of the business as the best way to deliver job security, rewards and welfare for its employees.

We’ve done our best to protect existing arrangements where possible and make improvements to new offerings.

And we’re here to advise and support members however the changes affect them. 

This isn’t the end. It’s the beginning of a renewed Accord campaign to create enhanced flexibility options for those employees excluded from some of the offerings and to improve areas where we feel LBG falls short. 

If you're impacted by the changes and want to chat through your individual circumstances, you can book a call with your local Accord Officer – contact details here.

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