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Photos of Fran O'Dowd over the years
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04 May 2021

Accord’s Fran O’Dowd retires

After 23 years with the union
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Accord’s Fran O’Dowd retires

On Friday 30th April, Accord said goodbye to one if its long-serving officers, Fran O’Dowd.

Fran O'Dowd

Fran originally worked for Clerical Medical in Bristol and was a leading light in the Clerical Medical Staff Association.

When CMSA joined forces with Accord, Fran joined the union as a regional officer looking after members in the South West & South Wales region.

In recent years, Fran has been working closely on change programmes and related job security issues in Lloyds Banking Group and supporting members in TSB too.

In a message to her team-mates Fran said: 

"When I joined Accord, never did I think I’d spend the rest of my working life doing what I was doing. It has been absolutely amazing and I’ve really enjoyed it. It’s going to feel odd not worrying about what the banks are going to do, and not worrying about what all our members are experiencing, but I know I’m leaving the union in the safest hands it can be in."

Accord’s general secretary, Ged Nichols said:

"Fran has been a real asset to our union and our members. She’s an intelligent and talented officer and we’ll all miss her both personally and professionally. We wish her every happiness for the future."

Union staff held a virtual leaving do to mark Fran’s last day and to wish her a long and happy retirement.

Fran, thanks for everything. You’ll be sorely missed.

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