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25 April 2022

Opening hours changes in Customer Contact

Newsflash for impacted members
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Opening hours changes in Customer Contact

Colleagues impacted by the bank’s decision to change its Personal Banking opening hours to 8am – 8pm from 4th July 2022 will have their outcomes of the preferencing process communicated from today (Monday 25th April). 

Accord has continued its consultations with the bank and at a headline level can report that almost 90% of impacted colleagues have been able to align their new shift to the revised hours.

For the remaining colleagues, various solutions have been employed to make sure that they can continue to work for LBG in a way that accommodates their specific domestic circumstances.

We appreciate this has been a difficult time for many colleagues but want to recognise the way in which managers have handled this change. We view it as a difficult job done well.

There's an acceptance that with the delivery of outcomes may come some continuing concerns for a small number of members and both the bank and Accord are committed to working any issues through to a successful conclusion.

Advice for impacted members

If you need to discuss your individual circumstances, please get in touch with the regional officer who supports your workplace.

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