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24 May 2022

Covid-19 update

For members in LBG's branch networks
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Covid-19 update for members in branch networks

Now that all UK countries have removed remaining restrictions, Lloyds Banking Group – like most businesses – is changing some of its own.

What's changing?

Face coverings

You will no longer have to wear a face covering in an interview room if you’d prefer not to. Customers will have that choice too. 

We understand that customers’ and colleagues’ views may differ and it’s important that you respect each other’s choice. 

If you’re not comfortable in an interview situation without a face covering, make sure your line manager is aware so you can avoid any conflict arising at the point of interview. And if you can’t sort things out locally, get in touch for advice.

Government guidance remains that you should consider wearing a face covering in enclosed spaces – please bear this in mind. The virus hasn’t gone away.

15 minutes interview gap

The 15 minutes gap between interviews is no longer mandatory for COVID cleaning purposes, although there is no suggestion that appointments should now be back-to-back. Time in-between should be used to prepare for the next customer or complete other business tasks.

You can now leave the interview room door open if you want to but we would remind you that, whilst you should be mindful of confidentiality, Government guidance remains that you should let fresh air in if meeting indoors.

Covid posters

These are being removed – as are the pull-up banners.

What's not changing? 

Perspex screens & floor dots

They’re staying put for now. What’s your view on how helpful they are? Do the screens make you feel safer and do customers still make use of the floor dots by keeping a distance between them and the next customer? Or is it time to remove them? Let us know what you think by email to [email protected]

Lateral flow tests

LBG has provided free LFTs for branch colleagues and those who can’t do their job from home. The approach was agreed for 3 months from 1st April 2022 to support colleagues transition to living with Covid. We’ve pressed for free tests to continue to be made available until at least the end of Winter 2022.

The business wants to improve the request process. If you’ve got any experience of it working well or not and have ideas for improvement, get in touch via [email protected]

Distance aware

We’re talking to LBG’s Group Health and Safety team about supporting the ‘Distance Aware’ initiative that was initially launched in Scotland to encourage people to respect the space of others when they’re out and about. It’s been trialled in Port Hamilton site, but we’ve asked for it to be extended to include branches.

Planning is underway to run the pilot in a small number of branches in the Halifax/Yorkshire area to test both colleague and customer engagement/uptake. The pilot will run for a minimum of 3 months to get a sufficient understanding of colleague/customer engagement with the scheme before making the decision whether to roll out to the wider branch network.

The scheme, developed by the Bevan Commission and endorsed by the Scottish Government, offers people an easily recognisable shield symbol which can be worn as a polite prompt for others that they’d appreciate some extra care and distance around them. Want to know more? Visit www.gov.scot/distanceaware

Got questions or concerns?

If you have any questions or concerns about COVID related matters, please get in touch with the regional officer who supports your workplace or by email to [email protected].

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