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07 February 2022

Children's Mental Health Week 2022

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Children's Mental Health Week

Childrens Mental Health Awareness Week

This week is Children’s Mental Health Week (7-13 February 2022). Run by children's mental health charity, Place2Be, its aim is to focus on the importance of looking after our emotional wellbeing from an early age. This year's theme is Growing Together.

Human beings change and grow – we do it all the time and in many different ways. Physical growth is easy to see as we grow from babies to children, teenagers to adults. We grow intellectually as we gain new knowledge, skills, and understanding at school, and beyond. Growing together is about growing emotionally, and finding ways to help each other grow.

Place2Be has created various assets and resources to help spread the word. If tweeting, please remember to use #ChildrensMentalHealthWeek.

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BWC’s mental health support for children and young people

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2 in 3 young people would prefer to access mental health support without going to the GP

Children and young people, like the rest of us, experience challenges that can negatively affect their mental health and wellbeing. And with 2 in 3 young people not wanting to access mental health support through their GP, and 1 in 2 not knowing how else to access this support, the Bank Workers Charity’s (BWC) mental health support services could be the answer.


BWC in partnership with Kooth, provide a free, safe, and anonymous wellbeing support service for people aged 11-18 which includes:


    BWC in partnership with Relate (the UK’s largest provider of relationship counselling), can offer face-to-face, telephone, email, Live Chat, or webcam counselling to support a child or young person in talking about how they feel and help them get back to enjoying life. Common problems children and young people face include:

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    BWC Webinar: Children and young people’s mental health

    BWC Wellbeing Webinar

    The last 2 years has been a difficult time for children’s mental health. The pandemic brought 3 lockdowns, social isolation and levels of uncertainty that few children have ever before experienced.

    That's why we teamed up with the Bank Workers Charity for a wellbeing webinar on 22 February that looks at common mental health problems and their prevalence among children and young people. We explored some of the signs and factors involved that can affect mental health, like uncertainty and social media, and spoke about the resources available to help children and the parents supporting them.

    Missed the webinar? 

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