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06 July 2022

Automation & process simplification in Lloyds Banking Group

80 jobs to go
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Customer Financial Assistance automation & process simplification

As a result of an automation and process simplification programme in Lloyds Banking Group, announced today, 80 roles are being removed from the admin support areas within the Customer Financial Assistance business area which helps customers in financial difficulty.

Briefings for impacted staff started this morning.

The change impacts colleagues in Customer Financial Assistance based in the following locations:

Avoiding compulsory redundancies

LBG wish to reduce numbers by a combination of redeployment and voluntary redundancy and briefings for staff impacted started this morning.

The union has contacted members to offer support and advice

Commenting Accord’s General Secretary, Ged Nichols, said:

Job reductions are never welcome but particularly in the current economic climate. We've worked with Customer Financial Assistance to make sure that redeployment opportunities are available for all and any redundancies are voluntary.”

Accord’s President, Neil Magill, added:

We’ve got an excellent track record of working with LBG to do the right thing by its people through business reorganisations by providing individual support to any member who needs it. These changes will be dealt with in the same way.”

Getting further support from Accord

For further information or support, please contact [email protected] or on 07786664119.

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