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08 July 2021

July 2021 - Accord's website update:
We've made some improvements

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The launch of our new website was just the beginning...

We updated you in May about further improvements we'd made to the website, well we're now in July and we've got some more good news for you. 

Over the last few months, we've been working hard with the web developers to bring new functionality to the site, and to fix a couple of those things we weren't quite happy with. Here’s some of the things we've been working on:

And we’re not finished yet.

We plan to continue adding new functionality to the website and we've got many improvements in our plan. Here’s a couple of the things we’re working on right now:

Have you updated your details online?

We made the decision early on that as an open and transparent union, we wouldn't be locking away any information that would require you to login to access. But we do have a login area, and this is so that you can securely view and update your membership details with us. If you haven't checked yours, we'd ask you to take a few moments to login now and check we've got your details right*.

*If you're currently working from home, you do not need to update your workplace - this is because your contracted workplace hasn't changed. If that changes in the future, we'll ask you to update your details to reflect this.

To update your details, click the 'Update your details now' button below, and enter your email address (it can be any of the email addresses that you have provided to us). You’ll be emailed a unique link to access your profile. The link will expire after 15 minutes for security purposes. Once logged in, you can make changes to all your details, but some sections such as the employment and payment details need us to manually approve the changes so won't be updated immediately.

If you need support or have any suggestions for the website, email [email protected] or select 'website support' using our online chat.

Update your details now

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