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19 July 2021

Joint union statement on LGBT+ rights

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Ourselves, Out, Safe, Respected

Every year the TUC runs a campaign to coincide with Pride in London. This year the TUC and its affiliates are calling on the government to promote equality and eliminate discrimination against LGBT+ people and build an inclusive culture in words and deeds that supports LGBT+ people’s safety, dignity and equality so that LGBT+ people can thrive and live authentically.

Proud to be in a union

In the UK:

Unions were dismayed when the government jettisoned the 2018 LGBT Action Plan, which was based on evidence from more than 100,000 LGBT+ people. And we were disappointed at the decision to disband the LGBT Advisory Panel. The government must act now to dismantle all forms of discrimination.

Unions call for change

To start that work, we call on Ministers to:

Ourselves, Out, Safe, Respected

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