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27 January 2021

Accord's new website launches

We hope you're excited too!
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It's finally live!

After months of hard work, we’re excited to announce the launch of our new website.

It’s modern, responsive, easy to navigate and user-friendly. A space where everything you need is just a few clicks away.

A key aim was to bring our digital services up to date. That’s why the join online process has had a complete make-over and the whole site built with a mobile-first approach.

We’ve got lots of new features and tools to check out, including:

We pride ourselves on being an open and transparent union – that’s why we decided to remove the areas that were previously locked down. You can now access everything you need without having to login.

The login area is, however, locked and secure. That’s because behind it sits the information we hold on your membership record. You can view and edit your details within this space. When you get chance, login to check and update yours.

To login:

Simply enter your email address (it can be any of the email addresses that you have provided to us) and you’ll be sent a unique link to that address to access your profile. The link will expire after 15 minutes for security purposes.

Please note, if you make a change to anything in the ‘Employment’ or ‘Payment’ details sections, it may take a few days to show in your account. That’s because it needs administrative approval. Everything else will update automatically on your record.

If you login from a work device and we don't have a work email address on your record, you'll have to carry the experience on from your phone. If you have an external work email, we recommend adding this to your profile - that way, you'll be able to update your details whilst at work without having to swap devices. 

Please don't update your work email address if it contains '.na' or '.no' - we're unable to send communications to internal work email addresses.

We’ll be constantly updating content and making improvements. But any suggestions or feedback will always be welcome. Email: [email protected]

We’d like to thank the amazing team at Studio Republic, the creative digital agency who developed this site, for making our vision a reality.

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